thread: 2009-04-07 : 3 Resolution Systems

On 2009-04-08, Paul T. wrote:


Why doesn't the In a Wicked Age... have right-pointing arrows for choosing Forms and applying Particular Strengths? Those seem pretty analogous to what you do in Dogs.

For example:

—"If you bring in a trait, roll its dice."
—"When you use your Particular Strength, roll its die."


—"When you escalate, roll your Fighting dice."
—"When you get violent on someone, roll your With Violence die."

Is it that there is something slightly less, I don't know... enforceable (?) about the way it works in In a Wicked Age...?

I'd also like to comment on this new "people-less" construction:

I know it makes some points you're trying to make clearer. But I preferred the "human" focus of the earlier diagram. It's nice to have a reminder that there are actual people playing the game. I think Callan's confusion over what the arrows mean is pretty understandable, given that he hadn't seen the earlier diagrams with the smiley faces. They were my favourite part of that diagram!

Without them, how would you draw something like:

"John, you made me laugh! Have some Fan Mail."


"The youngest player decides which of the Three Kings is the traitor."

Without the smiley faces, I'm unsure what exactly can go in "the cubes" and what cannot, as my two examples above illustrate.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this is going, though! Thanks for posting it. The original diagram was a huge light bulb for me.


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