thread: 2009-04-07 : 3 Resolution Systems

On 2009-04-08, Callan wrote:

Vincent, ongoing buy in doesn't physically control the hand of someone, as it hovers over the 'high ground' button. The lumpley principle doesn't control our actions in the physical world. It doesn't apply. But that arrow goes straight from lumpley territory to the squares, as if it does directly control the hand over the button. As I've said, the right arrow diagrams are bogus.

All the lumpley principle in the world can't press a physical button. Though I'll grant in cults, imagined events seem to control whether people to drink the green cool aid. It's not hilariously about the lumpley principle to me - to me it's disturbingly absent a notion of personal, physical control over the button. I've always wanted a principle ta call ma own, so I'll make one up! Call it the Callan principle, that no matter how much you imagine something or how much you buy into it, your still in control of your physical actions/what buttons you do or don't press. Most importantly, if someones scowling, arguing or acting negatively toward you because their spoken imaginings were about being on a table above the dwarf, but you did not press the 'high ground' button with your hand, that person is denying the Callan principles existance.

Guy, I'm being told this is off topic, so hit me up on my blog and if we get anywhere, we could post a link to it as a wrap up for what weve said here (if a small link post is okay with Vincent)


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