thread: 2009-04-09 : Scale, Depth, Clouds, Dice

On 2009-04-09, Jonathan Walton wrote:

Cool, thanks. I think starting this conversations with your clever little plays (with very little context) allowed folks to read into them whatever interesting thoughts we were having about games at the moment. Lately I've been thinking about imperfect consensuses, which is why I read them into what you were talking about when you wanted to talk about something else. (Clearly Rob's been thinking about how characters are narrative contrivances or something.)

I think it would help if I had a sense of what you were trying to get at instead of just these introductory posts leading up to something you seem to want to say. You keep ruling out what you don't want to talk about, but I guess I'm not sure where you're going with this yet.  I am reading and trying to follow you, though.


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