thread: 2009-04-10 : A Moment of Judgment

On 2009-04-10, JasonLeigh wrote:

I've been following these diagramed discussions with keen interest.

So, as one possible solution to bias, if we require a prerequisite step for in-fiction advantage, does that work?

By way of example:

Bob uses one of his "gos" to say "Bobnar jumps up on the dead tree stump as the trolls swarm around him".

The GM say "The trolls holler and shout and try to claw you down from that tree stump."  She rolls some dice, consults the results, and says "Bobnar takes wicked damage to his legs and hips, but they don't knock him over".

Bob's next go, he says, "Cool.  Now Bobnar gets +2 for having the high ground..."

I'm asking if this matches the moment of judgement you're talking about, without commoditizing, by way of checking if I'm following you.



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