thread: 2009-04-10 : A Moment of Judgment

On 2009-04-10, Ben Lehman wrote:

So check it. Bliss Stage.

You play an interlude action. It's 2-5 minutes, and there's a positive result for one of the pilots involved in the action, based on the events of the action. There's system for setting it up but the only system for playing it out is: Alice plays Alicenar, Bob plays Bobnar, Kate place Katenar.

1st draft rules: At the end of the action, the group as a whole decides what bonus the pilot gets based on the dominant outcome of scene.

Result: Totally lame. First of all, GM led. Second of all, mad-bad hurt feelings when people don't get the reward that they want. Lots of players jumping in and argue that they did too relieve stress! you just don't understand the relationship!
Particularly when it's their fault that they didn't.

7th draft rules: One player (the scene judge) decides what the outcome of the scene based on the dominant action of the scene without input from others.

Result: Better. Now the spiteful hatred is directed at a single target.

8th draft rules: One player (the scene judge) select a reward based on *any part* of the scene, at their discretion.

Result: Much, much better. People get shafted now, but they can internalize it as "well, the other stuff was present, but the judge didn't pick it," rather than being totally screwed.

There might be better rules at the 10th, 12th, 20th drafts. I didn't get that far. But that's an interesting thing to consider.


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