thread: 2009-04-10 : A Moment of Judgment

On 2009-04-13, Ben Lehman wrote:

Hey, Rob.

Don't pretend I'm saying something more contentious than what I'm actually saying. My point is pretty trivial. You don't prioritize like I said because, if the SIS is completely unsound, there's nothing for your guy to win.

Let's say you're playing PTA. It's like, a game about fighting werewolves in a rural town in Texas. You're fighting the boss werewolf in town. It's episode 2.

Do you:
Say "I blow up the moon with my (previously unmentioned) nuclear missile so the werewolves stop being werewolves!" ?

I'm guessing, since you report having a good time playing PTA, that no, you don't say that. Because it's stupid, it violates the premise of the game, it violates the pacing of the game, and it completely disrespects everyone at the table. But it is your guy "winning." Inasmuch as there is anything left to win.



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