thread: 2009-04-10 : A Moment of Judgment

On 2009-04-14, John Adams wrote:

Ralph wrote:

"We spend the next hour arguing about what is more internally consistant."

Isn't this largely dependent on the group's CA or lack thereof? The game I'm working on is aiming for a Gamist CA and I can clearly see this as a problem because in my case all of the participants have a huge incentive to grab any advantage they can, including the GM. (She's not impartial at all in my design.)

But in my limited experience with Sorcerer, I grok Ron's idea that the GM hands out situational bonus dice to recognize what has already happened at the table. The group is already invested in and approved of the statement you just made, so there should be no controversy when the GM hands you some dice.

For the Right to Dream? Dunno. I would like to think the group's commitment to the fiction would outweigh any temporary personal advantage, but my experience has been about 50-50.

Callan: I'll post after my next playtest. It's been many months since the last real playtest and I have tons of new ideas that haven't been tempered in the fire yet. I've got a plan but it will be another month before I have time to playtest. Se la vie.


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