thread: 2009-04-10 : A Moment of Judgment

On 2009-04-14, valamir wrote:

John, no I don't think it depends on CA...although it might be flavored differently for different CAs.  Internal Consistancy is an Exploration level concern...fundamental to all CAs.

When I argue* with my DM over getting hacked by a minotaur's axe...its not because of a gamist concern that I don't want to take damage.  Its because I can't visually justify how a 7' Minotaur can effectively swing a 6' axe in a 10' tall / 10' wide corridor.  It just doesn't make sense in the fiction.

Some things are easy to judge and everybody quickly can get on the same page about what makes sense in the fiction.  But there are plenty of examples of things that aren't so easy to get on the same page about.  Not because someone want's an edge (although it can happen...masquerading as concern for internal consistancy)but because what seem reasonable can reasonably be different to different people, especially people with different areas of knowledge and different priorities about what sorts of details snap their disbelief suspenders.

* and when I say "argue" here I mean any disagreement in what makes sense that has the potential to leave one or both players dissatisfied in the outcome...whether or not it actually involves throwing dice at their head.


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