thread: 2009-04-09 : cloud-to-cloud

On 2009-04-14, Vincent wrote:

I just thought of one of my personal favorite cloud-rightward rules: "If your pirate suffers a deadly wound, [your pirate must] strike a bargain or die."

Your pirate's suffering a deadly wound has absolutely no cue consequence. Your pirate's striking a bargain does have cue consequence, but of its own; the cue consequence for striking a deadly wound bargain is identical to the cue consequence for striking any bargain at all, under any circumstances.

Dying, if you fail to strike the bargain, also has cue consequences, but again they're identical whether you die of a deadly wound + failing to bargain, old age, a disease, or "killed outright," which can happen too.

if your pirate suffers a deadly wound, he must strike a bargain or die.

if your pirate strikes a bargain, or dies, [there are both in-fiction and cue consequences].


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