thread: 2009-04-10 : A Moment of Judgment

On 2009-04-14, Ben Lehman wrote:

Ralph: You're misunderstanding my rules (quite reasonable, as you probably haven't read them.) There are plenty of criteria for judgment in Bliss Stage. Judgment is completely non-arbitrary. It's just also non-singular. Can you see the difference between an arbitrary judgment (any answer is right) and a non-singular judgment (more than one answer is right)?

And, yes, I can see that having non-singular decisions and having commoditize are both solutions to the same problem. Indeed, they both solve it. But they're different solutions. Analogy time: a car and an airplane are both solutions to the problem of travel, but I wouldn't say that a car and an airplane are the same thing. Because they're not.

In particular, the momentary reaction I've seen to commoditized play is "you bastard! you outflanked me!" in a good-natured way (usually, though not always.) The long-term reaction is to de-emphasize the SIS in favor of commodity maneuvering.

The momentary reaction to play where one player is given responsibility to judge the outcome is "oh, man, didn't get the outcome I wanted, need to try harder next time." The long-term reaction is to develop a sense for what the other participants will reward and what they won't and play to that.



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