thread: 2009-04-16 : GM fiat put to work for the good

On 2009-04-17, Callan wrote:

Vincent, I'm assuming you mean combative but in good will (as someone who didn't have good will toward yourself and others wouldn't care about the request anyway).

I dunno - the idea of asking for help to understand seems to presume the thing works to begin with. I work from what I think is a scientific approach, where it's just a hypothesis with whatever amount of evidence that has been provided. Rather than combative, I encourage everyone to assume peoples assertions do not in any way work or exist, as a starting point of examination. If that doesn't fit the social context here, I understand. But in such a case, I'd say I don't think it's very thorough. But I'd leave it at that. Call it a critical agenda clash (*boom ching* get it? CA? Like a creative agenda clash...okay, really bad, really in joke...I'll get my coat...)


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