thread: 2009-04-16 : GM fiat put to work for the good

On 2009-04-17, timfire wrote:

The way I interpreted Callan's post (#4) is that he was talking about a situation where there's some sort of disconnect between the players' and the GM's expectations/assumptions (this might, but not necessarily, include some sort of CA incoherence). Vincent, however, seems to be assuming a functional social dynamic where everyone is on board with a shared set of expectations.

Would you two agree with that assessment?

I think Callan's concern is legitimate, given the hobby's history. But as I've matured as a player, I've come to see relying on player judgment and skill as a perfectly sensible design option. The caveat, though, is that the game needs to be clear on what the social expectations are, or at least on how the group can come up with their own.


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