thread: 2009-04-10 : A Moment of Judgment

On 2009-04-17, Chris wrote:

(I was forming this when Ralph replied, and trying to figure out how to make it more on topic - looks like it's right on)

I've heard lots and lots of stuff about "the person with the biggest personality at the table winning" in RPGs.

I've seen it, but.  It doesn't make for a good long term group unless combined with other forms of social manipulation or a lot of folks with poor senses of personal boundaries.

It usually creates an insular group with a serious fragility that breaks whenever the next person with a big personality enters, or, at least, draws the attraction/friendship of other members of the group and then splintering happens.  (Lots of stuff about "finding the right players" and "problem players" are also about protecting these kinds of groups -scary!)

All that aside, rules exist as tools for our play - sometimes things we're taking for granted, and sometimes for things we can't AFFORD to take for granted.  Depending on the group, different rules are going to hit different spots.


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