thread: 2009-04-07 : 3 Resolution Systems

On 2009-04-19, BG Josh wrote:

I love seeing a theory like this that converges on something I have been thinking about.

Thought 1: Roleplaying games have the Cloud and the Cubes.  Wargames have only the cubes, and free-form storytelling has only the cloud.

Thought 2: The "goodness*" of an rpg is some matter of GOODNESS = CLOUD(a) + CUBE(b)  Meaning the quality of the experience is somehow related to both cloud and cube aspects.

*whatever "goodness" is.

Thought 3: I have been considering something for some time that turns out to be related to this.  When we originally played DnD we treated it like an exercise in creative problem solving.

For example: a corridor filled with zombies.  We nailed boards across a door and when the zombies came up we hooked their ankles with gaff hooks and poured flaming oil on them.

Essentially we succeeded because the GM said we did, or he came up with some kind of roll that was not actually based on anything other than his whim.

This is similar to the "high ground idea" you have.  You could succeed because of "cool plan" spend a point get +2 and roll, or you could win narration and that's what you say.  But in both those cases you are not rewarded for cleverness.

So can you make a meaningful creative problem solving game?


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