thread: 2009-04-27 : Dice & Cloud: a Symmetry

On 2009-04-28, Callan wrote:

Hi Moreno,

I think you touched on a few points and I'm not sure which to address in relation to the thread topic without making a long post that covers everything, but in doing so it overtakes the thread.

I will say that for years I've seen people take a procedure that "dead ends"(ie, it doesn't direct you to any further piece of procedure to follow) and declare that what they did in their session upon reaching that point as a group is "how the game works" or that they were "good enough to get the game going", often refering to the imagined space for how you'd "obviously" do it. At best, this is creative denial ( ), at worst it's flat out denial that they are not playing the game (indeed, it is impossible to continue, as it's a dead end. It's a blue screen) and what's "obviously the way to do it" is sheer invention on their part. However, the notion that it was the right way to do it is, apparently, incredibly dear to these people, making conversation usually taught or outright hostile (usually in the pretend friendly terms, though).

So that's another reason I wont get into it lightly, unless I know that perspective is shared between us. Because often the person with the firmly held belief is perceived as a victim.


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