thread: 2009-04-27 : Dice & Cloud: a Symmetry

On 2009-04-28, Callan wrote:

I'm in Melbourne, Australia and have asked at the city store about a few of those titles. They've never heard of the ones I asked about (dogs, sorcerer, as a couple of examples). Do own universalis, by chance. Could not internalise all the rules, though the procedure as I recall had no dead ends. I suppose I should be into ordering overseas stuff like all the cool kids do. Have played shadowrun once, a fair bit of rifts, some AD&D, a fair bit of D&D 3.5, cyberpunk, warhammer, underground, a smattering of others. Used to look for the, back then, different games like pantheon and extreme vengence and others like it that didn't repeat the same patterns that I already owned.

Having said that, the question seems off? Paricularly if the question is if there's ambiguity in the use of the word 'play'?


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