thread: 2009-04-27 : Dice & Cloud: a Symmetry

On 2009-04-28, Gregor wrote:

@Moreno, RE: Ronnies winners in Oct 05
'...what happened in that period to devalued mechanics that "follow the fiction" against mechanics that dictates the fiction?'

I have no idea why Ron Edwards selected both 3:16 and Contenders to be the winners of the second round of the Ronnies. Similarly, I have no idea whether Ron chose them based solely on their mechanics. I mean, you would have to ask Ron, right? I always, naively I guess, believed it was because he thought they were the two best entries overall.

I also have no idea whether the entries overall in the Ronnies of Oct 05 mostly had games devaluing "follow the fiction" mechanics or not. That would be a better indicator of a subset of the design community rather than the ones selected as winners of the High Ronny.

For 3:16 I find that the character sheet, minimal though it is, does affect my roleplaying. And similarly what happens in the fiction does have an effect on which resources I bring to bear on my character's side (Do I use a Flashback now, or later? Do I Fight or Not-Fight? Does the GM give me a +1 for the next roll or not? and so on).

Contenders, for me, has also been a rich role-playing experience. I would say that Joe Prince enjoys/values immersion more than I do, but I don't know if that comes across at all in the two game texts.

Of course, some disagree and that's fine. If people want to use 3:16 as a worked example then I quite happy for you to do so.

@Emily: Yes, Number Reducers! The future of gaming/arithmetic.


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