thread: 2009-04-27 : Dice & Cloud: a Symmetry

On 2009-04-28, Vincent wrote:

It seems pretty likely to me that 3:16 is like In a Wicked Age: some people come to it primed, somehow, and for them it's bang-on. Others don't, they miss some crucial piece of tone or some subtlety of action, they don't realize that when the rules say do this they mean do this and I mean it or do this but do it consideredly, and so when they try to play it they slide past the line scratched in the dirt instead of flowing down it.

I haven't played 3:16 so I can't talk about it, except that reading the text confirmed for me everything John Harper said about the game, so that when people have a bad time with it I scratch my head.

(I love, love, love the writing in 3:16. Love.)


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