thread: 2009-04-27 : Dice & Cloud: a Symmetry

On 2009-04-28, Gregor wrote:

Oh, yes, and thanks!

Thinking about the cloud to dice bits that link in 3:16... would that be where the GM doesn't use the Ambush ability because it no longer makes sense based on what the PCs have done? (Say they've set up a potential Ambush themselves in their actions between encounters, so using the alien ability wouldn't be *right* to use.) Or making the next encounter only have 2 Threat Tokens because the PCs are being more cautious in their actions? (Even though this means that they'll more probably get through the encounter uninjured and get to heal again.) Or the GM gives them a +1 because they've said their taking cover in the bushes rather than wandering about in the open? (So it feels like they should be rewarded with a bonus.) The GM needn't do those things unless their satisfied, right?

If you play without that stuff it might as well be a boardgame (or a computer program) with the GM just putting the Threat Tokens down in a pre-ordained pattern (or to maximally "win" against the PCs) and using alien abilities to best mechanical effect. For those that had trouble with it, does that seem likely? It does have a GM because if it were GM-less I don't know who could make those cloud-to-dice calls impartially. (I reckon we could narrate the dice to cloud stuff without a GM, because we're describing what the dice have tell us to our satisfaction.)


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