thread: 2009-04-27 : Dice & Cloud: a Symmetry

On 2009-04-29, Moreno R. wrote:

#Ben: "Is that the only division? Board game or RPG (no rules)?"

Having rules or not has nothing to do with this (and I have never seen a rpg without rules, even the so-called "ruleless" session I played in the '90s had as a rule "This guy here is called The GM and has the final decision"). I am talking about a playtest of a version of Galactic where we felt that the roleplaying was absolutely unnecessary, and the play was absolutely board-game-like.

Now, there were a lot of cool ideas in that draft, but a lot of them were what caused that detachment from the SIS. I simply suggested that these bits could be used in a Boardgame Version of the Game, instead of being simply dropped.

To be perfectly clear about that "having rules" bit: Contenders is much, much, much more Board-game-like for me than D&D4.

I am talking about how much the rules feed on the narrative, not about how many rules there are.


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