thread: 2009-04-27 : Dice & Cloud: a Symmetry

On 2009-04-29, Mathieu Leocmach wrote:

My own experience fits quite well in the whole discussion.

I discovered indie RPG a few months ago, through Ben Lehman's blog and this blog. So I bought their reference games : Polaris and DitV along with My Life with Master and the mountain witch. All of theses append to be "generation 2004-2005" games as said timfire.

And because I append to be very far away from the people I play with (Japan is far from France, sure), I decided to experience these games though internet. Starting chronologically with MLwM.

So I was accumulating :

  • very tight "rules dictating the fiction"
  • lack of training in indie games
  • a playing media far from ideal to commit to a SIS

Because this was turning a disaster and thanks to Vincent's first cloud&box post we stopped. We are now trying to implement strong right pointing arrows.

What I want to stress is that the "commitment to SIS" is a technique difficult to acquire. When I play at a table to traditional RPG, I am mostly in case 1 of Vincent's original post : never looking at the character sheets we spent hours to fill in with numbers. Despite of this strong tendency of mine, despite previous shared roleplaying experiences with my group, we fell in the case 2 : vanishing SIS.

So I can confirm that this technique is media-dependent and must be explained in and supported by the text rules.

P.S.: You all are writing too fast ! ^_^

P.P.S for Callan : if your shops don't know indie games, try IPR. They deliver all over the world via postmail.


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