thread: 2009-04-30 : Magical Magic

On 2009-05-02, Marshall Burns wrote:

Right on, Vincent. This is the way it works in Hex Rangers (formerly Witch Trails).

Every hex begins with a "matrix" made by the player. This is the pattern that shapes the magic into the desired effect. The matrix is made of things, actions, words, gestures, circumstances. The GM then judges the matrix for aesthetic, poetic, symbolic qualities.

The hex always works. What varies is the strength of the hex—how hard it is to break, undo, or reverse by other magic. The strength is directly proportional to the beauty of the matrix, and inversely proportional to the scope and intensity of the effect. So, you can kill a guy with a word, but it can be undone just as easily.

And this is just a local aesthetic constraint but fun, but the appearance of magic is always normal, low-key phenomena that can be written off as natural—albeit often creepy—goings-on. Thunder may roll, the wind may kick up dust devils, the crickets may fall suddenly silent, but no one's to say that it's magic at work, except those as know better.


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