thread: 2009-04-30 : Magical Magic

On 2009-05-02, Gregor wrote:

Hi Vincent

The books are the Sorcery! series:!

I found this quote on the net that summarizes it nicely.

"There is a spell book that contains 48 spells that you need to learn in order to use them in the book. That's right, you have to study the spellbook! The way this works is that each spell is represented by a 3-letter code, like HOT or RAZ. This is what you have to memorize before you begin play. Then, at certain spots throughout the books, you will be given a chance to cast a spell. You are then given five of these three-letter codes to choose from. It is up to you to remember which code represents which spell. To make things more tricky, some of the codes you are offered don't relate to any spells at all ("duds"), and over half of all spells require specific items to work. If you don't have the item, you take damage. It costs ENDURANCE points to cast spells, so you need to limit your magic use. The magic system really adds something, and I admit to really liking it. It plays well, and forces you to think on your feet."

The paragraph you turn to then either describes the magic being exactly right and its effect, or being wrong and it having a detrimental effect, or the magic failing miserably as you cast a spell that doesn't exist.


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