thread: 2009-05-04 : Dice and Cloud, the Death Threats thread

On 2009-05-04, Ryan Stoughton wrote:

I think I just have a mental block here.  Normally when I'm running games (either the old-timey handwavey or the new-timey PTA, In A Wicked Age, and so on) I'm very passionately engaged with the game, but more like a director or conductor.  My input provides direction, and providing good direction (pacing, tempo) is my motive in play.

So if I'm doing this I'm the anti-director; I'm a thousand-armed stagehand.  So I start describing the furniture in the tavern.  But that's not what I'm supposed to be doing, right?

I think I should ask something like that question you floated:

If the GM is just having her characters do what they would do given their natures and circumstances, what is the GM's motivation in play?


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