thread: 2009-05-04 : Dice and Cloud, the Death Threats thread

On 2009-05-05, Jesse Burneko wrote:

The whole time I was listening to the interview I was thinking about Sorcerer's Currency and why it trips so many people up.  It's because it's a right-word arrow mechanic.

You have to identify a conflict within the fiction.  Not just a disagreement among the players over what "should" happen but fictional elements must be in motion and someone must point at it and say "conflict!"

Then you have to identify from the fiction what's applicable (Stamina, Will, Lore or Cover) and sometimes multiples apply.  If multiples apply you have to decide from fiction which is primary and which is helping.

Then you roll and you get a result which nets victory dice.  Those victory dice can be "rolled over" into another roll *IF* the action follows from the previous action.  Again, that has to be identified.

So there's all these fictional aesthetic calls that dictate how the dice move around.  And yes, the GM has the final say over that.  But it's not *arbitrary.*  It's all usually very clear when it's actually happening because the fiction is a much more powerful force than people give it credit for.



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