thread: 2009-05-05 : Reconsidering Sim (the word)

On 2009-05-05, Vincent wrote:


Shawn: Sure. Jonathan's use of sim here, Alex's here (which is my fault, not his). They're both talking about an approach to techniques, compatible with any of the creative agendas, not about right-to-dream play.

This policy is, in fact, crucial right now, given the stuff I'm talking about, for exactly the reason Jonathan illustrates. (Sorry to use you as an illustration all offhandedly, Jonathan!) I AM talking about rgfa simulationism, put to use to serve story now and step on up game design. It's not mysterious that people will read what I'm saying, think "sim," and get distracted and confused about creative agenda. (In fact I believe I'll edit something to that effect into the opening post.)


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