thread: 2009-05-05 : Reconsidering Sim (the word)

On 2009-05-05, Gregor wrote:

Here, here.

When techniques and ephemera get labelled as "s*m, g*m*st or n*r play" it turns milk in front of my eyes. (Or maybe turns your whey to ricotta?!)

Anyway, I'm all for using the essay names for the Creative Agendas. I first noticed it in "It Was A Mutual Decision", and while I thought "Hmm, that's unusual" at first (and I was sure it was not accidental), I now look back and think "yeah, it had to be that way—and it's clearer for it too".

So, my take is we'll look back in a year on this thread and go "Gee, wasn't it always this way?" Well, I can hope.


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