thread: 2009-05-04 : Dice and Cloud, the Death Threats thread

On 2009-05-05, Seth Ben-Ezra wrote:

>Seth: Yes.


>I don't think it's really about enjoying their enjoyment. Like in Story Now play, the GM is a full and active participant in the group's successful play, where "successful play" means that they DID take on the premise, or DID show what they were made of. (Not that they won, you see.)

Yeah, that's a better way of putting it. The subtle distinction is that the GM is a participant in play by enabling good play, not by doing the same thing that the rest of the players are doing. I'm actually thinking here of the Director's role in my A Flower for Mara, which is all about enabling play.

So, yeah, I'm nodding over here. I get what you're saying and, yes, I can see that this is a skill that can be taught.


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