thread: 2009-05-04 : Dice and Cloud, the Death Threats thread

On 2009-05-06, Weeks wrote:

Listened once and listening again.  Some thoughts:

Vincent, you've been careful to say and write about *material* references to the cloud or to the dice.  Do just mean that the reference is /important/ or /by-name/ or something else?

I had to rewind a bit after the reference to umpires—it was distracting-neato to think of the baseball fans having a collapse of their SIS when they disagree with the ump about the recent play.

It felt like sometimes Rob was saying "the other players will sometimes hurt us if they have that power" and Vincent was saying "the other players won't hurt us because that's not how it works."  It felt like you two were talking past one another.  Was I just misunderstanding or was some of that happening?

And finally, I think the most valuable thing that I got out of this was the realization that I've been tending to play games removed from actor stance—from above the characters' heads as Vincent described it.  Universalis is always, always satisfying that way.  In a Wicked Age is not.  Our IAWA game lasted five or six sessions and when we were playing in-character it was fun.  But whether we were or not, we were following the rules.  So I think I need to learn how to know what stance to be playing in for maximizing fun.  Or something.


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