thread: 2009-05-05 : Reconsidering Sim (the word)

On 2009-05-06, Vincent wrote:

> Now is that some new creative agenda? Is it part of right to dream?

Absolutely neither! It's what Ben Lehman and I have called a technical agenda - that is, an approach to cause and effect in the game.

Cause and effect, now, meaning who says what about what, when, and whether we take their word for it. NOT in-fiction cause and effect.


> You can do narrativism without any shared history, you
> just vote on what happens! And everyone decides for
> themselves why that happens. You can do conflict without
> it, purely based on disconnected rounds of using the
> mechanics.

This is as poor a way to play story now as it is to play right to dream. All the creative agendas are served by shared in-fiction history.


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