thread: 2009-05-05 : Reconsidering Sim (the word)

On 2009-05-07, Josh W wrote:

Drat, first draft of my last post kept two things separate, "the why" we do it, and "the how". Would you agree that the whys are the arena of creative agenda, and the how is the realm of technical agenda?

I ask because my paragraphs 4 5 and 6 are supposed to be about a concrete reason that draws people together for such a game "I'm tired of this kind of story, lets make a different kind". Some people get real satisfaction in saying "The world doesn't know you're the hero, you need to prove it" or "We're not going to play nice here, we will resolutely follow consequence and see where it leads us" not just 'cause they want to be tough, but because that concreteness and the way it meshes with their experience is satisfying. It's the scientist approach, where you want to see emergent effects appear in front of you. Now what I was wondering is whether you think that "why" is covered by "right to dream"?

I totally agree that all agendas can be helped by internal history, that's what I was getting at with the list of other reasons why, covering what I currently understand about big model creative agendas. What interested me was shifting to another play style, another technical agenda, and seeing what was missing, what advantages we could gain by adding back in "what would happen if" elements.


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