thread: 2009-05-07 : Explaining the Right to Dream

On 2009-05-08, GB Steve wrote:

Here goes anyway.

Sweatmeat is a bit confusing because he changed between sessions. My character, Planck, is pretty dumb and, I've decided very trusting of people he knows, which is not necessarily a useful trait between thieves. On the other hand he cares nothing of anyone else.

In the first session, Sweatmeat took some money from Planck, on the promise of a decent return and he didn't see much back. Although by the end of the session he did get a flower which he liked. I played Planck as not really understanding what was going on, although grateful for the flower.

In the second session, Sweatmeat changed and became a generous sort of person. He gave my character some cloth which he gave to his Mum. Planck still doesn't understand why Sweatmeat is being nice, especially when he's nice to people he doesn't know. For example, Sweatmeat asked someone for a book we wanted, whereas Planck's approach was to hit people until he got what he wanted. And he has no compunction about killing.

So I, as a player think Sweatmeat is probably a good guy but I play my character as not understanding his attitude.

The situation is further confused because Simon's character Fireballs is very protective of Planck and advises him and looks after his money, although he does bully him. And Sweatmeat and Fireballs don't always see eye to eye.


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