thread: 2009-05-07 : Explaining the Right to Dream

On 2009-05-08, Jim Henley wrote:

How could I possibly play an RPG in which you get to arbitrarily redefine the notion of goodness? How would we ever have a SIS of any sort with that kind of fundamental rift in reality?

Does this objection go away if we interpret Vincent's alternatives as social expectations? IOW, 1 is, "I have the social expectation that you won't cavil at my character conception and vice verse" and 2 is "I have the social expectation that you will very much pick at the stress points of my character conception and I plan to do likewise with you".

I'm wondering, where does the social construction of the setting itself come into play? Like, the Paladin carrying the offering to the temple past the beggars. Rob says, "Oh that's evil." Bob says, "The heck. In this culture, the gods are owed their due by everyone, including the beggars. Keep your presentism out of my roleplaying."


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