thread: 2009-05-04 : Dice and Cloud, the Death Threats thread

On 2009-05-08, Marshall Burns wrote:

I'm glad that people are finally talking about how GMs in Gamist play don't have to be competing with the players. It can be done, with certain designs that put a set limit on the GM's resources, but it's not necessary or even (I'd say) the common case.

What it's usually like is, the GM sets up a situation that demands that the players perform cleverly and skillfully, or else fail. If they fail, they suffer the consequences for failure (often character death but not necessarily), then take what they've learned from this failure, gird their loins, and charge into the fray once again. If they succeed, the GM amps up the challenge factor a bit for the next one. The GM is invested in neither outcome; both are good.


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