thread: 2009-05-07 : Explaining the Right to Dream

On 2009-05-11, Vincent wrote:

All right. This is for the "I don't see it" people. One more try, then comes the stern diagnosis, so please do try.

Here's Marco:
1. "this isn't a wish-fulfillment game. NOTE: If you don't have some quality thematic testing of my bad-assitude I'm gonna let you know that hoop-jumping isn't my thing either. Until you as the GM earn the right to test me with sufficient context I don't expect a lot of ham-fisted stuff ... so make sure the build up is there ... if it's there at all."

I love this, I think it's dead on. None of us are inborn or wired with immutable preferences; there are certain subjects and topics, thresholds, bars we set.

So let's look at actual play instead!

1. Over the course of play, everybody affirms, nobody challenges, my character's badassitude. Maybe because nobody came up with a good enough challenge and never tried; maybe somebody tried but I snapped at them out of the game and they backed off. Maybe for whatever reason, the reason why doesn't matter. The fact is, badassitude affirmed, wish fulfilled.

2. Over the course of play, at least once, somebody, some in-game circumstance, gave my character's badassitude a real challenge, and I took it. I accepted the challenge as a legitimate part of play - maybe grudgingly, maybe with enthusiasm, it doesn't matter which. The point is, I didn't get my wish-fulfillment badassery this time, because instead something challenged it.

See it now? I hope?


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