thread: 2009-05-07 : Explaining the Right to Dream

On 2009-05-11, Adam Dray wrote:

I see the two types of play as different. I see some vague links back to Right to Dream (first example) and Story Now (second example). I'd like to see you connect the dots better.

My independent understanding of Right to Dream is more complex than your example, though. Maybe because I don't see "challenge" and "affirm" as opposites. In fact, I think the affirmation process requires a challenge in RTD so that the player can go, "See? I told you." Wish-fulfillment is wishing, not demanding, and the wisher hopes his Dream will come true and everything will be Right.

Maybe I'm latching onto the wrong parts of your example.

Sternly diagnose me or whatever. I hope it's not swine flu.


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