thread: 2009-05-07 : Explaining the Right to Dream

On 2009-05-11, Josh W wrote:

Vincent, do you ever play "right to dream" style? I ask because the way you describe it, it doesn't seem to have any room for growth. So say you've got all these people wanting their various wishes to be fulfilled, and the GM runs around like a super-butler crooning at everyone???s egos, where's the feedback? Where's the expansion, growth, differentness?

See, when we play, we have some players who have this picture of how they want everything to go, and part of the game is twisting these around, finding innocuous compromises that expand on what they have, suggest it and push it in different ways. Wish aikido basically, no direct challenge, but a lot of redirection.

Would this still be right to dream? Or perhaps I have this wrong, perhaps it's "right to dream" from the perspective of the player being aikido'ed because he's either getting events within a certain sphere of wish fulfilment, of having something even better happen to him. But from the perspective of the GM, I suppose it's something different. It could be a consequence of the GM trying to get his own story into play, or it could be that the GM is just interested in subtly twisting preconceptions.

Is the latter a signature of a devious narrative GM playing with dreamers?


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