thread: 2009-05-07 : Explaining the Right to Dream

On 2009-05-11, Josh W wrote:

So focusing on faux-challenge in dream, is the core thing that they get the winners cup, and the conflict is just dramatic set-up for the pure glory? That reminds me of the feeling of completing Halo on easy, or quick time events in Res 5; they are not there to challenge you, but to form a pre-requisite engagement with the fiction in order to earn your prize. In other words, challenges exist to pimp rightwards arrows, so that the gate is open for the reward to mean something.

Now when I say reward, I???m talking about the in game situation that is a perfect complement to their wish, everything from ???king of the world??? to ???poor me??? to ???enigmatic surrealism???.

The risk/fear loss potential forces people to look, and then you hit em with what they are really after.

Something like that?


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