thread: 2009-05-07 : Explaining the Right to Dream

On 2009-05-12, Josh W wrote:

I suspect there is a difference between don't say ___ vs do say ___. In other words, the player may declare something off limits to questioning and probing, but not play it out themselves. An example of this might be the sexuality of one guy???s character. He's not interested in particularly playing a character of a particular sexuality, but he doesn't want other players making those kinds of hints. It's not setting a part of the imaginary space in stone; in contrast it is hedging something out of the imaginary space.

Whereas someone else might be into deconstructing superheroes, so they don't want people questioning whether they actually have powers, on the contrary, but they do want people to question everything else! Does that count as nar? Not much premise there, but it's obviously not the thing you just defined, if I'm getting your definition Vincent.


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