thread: 2009-05-07 : Explaining the Right to Dream

On 2009-05-12, valamir wrote:

Ok.  Someday you and I need to have a long talk about Simulationism.  'cause I don't think anyone who actually understands what drives a Simulationist (which is the simulative qualities of the experience) could ever claim that it could support story now or step on up.

Simulation...TRUE Simulation...(not the stuff that got B.S.ed about on the Forge) fundamentally requires the absolute commitment to the complete and utter absence of step on up and story now once play begins...that's what makes it a simulation.

But I guess for now you get 2 thumbs up for describing A Right to Dream...and 2 thumbs down for missing the boat on the Creative Agenda piece from me...but I won't derail your thread with my arguements about it.


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