thread: 2009-05-13 : Now where WAS I...

On 2009-05-13, Valamir wrote:

In Universalis I'm playing a character.  On the character sheet it says "Big Frakkin' Gun x3".

We have a scene, there's a bunch of fictional stuff going on.  It leads to a Complication.  I say "I take out my big frakkin' gun and threaten to shoot him in the face".

That means I get to take 3 dice and add them to my pool.

I get to do that because in the fiction something happened that allowed me to call on that trait.

How is that any different from "I empty my cylinder into him" allowing me to escalate to Gunfighting?

Above you have:

"If your character's girlfriend is in danger, you get +3 to your roll."

In Universalis the rule is:

"If you demonstrate how your Trait applies, you get to add that many dice to your pool"

Not seeing any difference there.


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