thread: 2009-05-13 : Now where WAS I...

On 2009-05-14, valamir wrote:

Week's answer is exactly how I would respond to your question, Vincent.

"If in the fiction your girlfriend's already in danger..." simply means someone inserted it into the fiction previously.

(where of course "inserted" means suggested and had accepted as part of the SIS through the System)

Your next post I find very interesting...where you indicate that in Dogs the two collapse together.  That me says..."these two things are for all essential purposes...the same thing"

Which actually puzzles me more how your trying to distinguish them.

It strikes me that the primary difference is one of timing.  In one, things inserted into the fiction earlier are being used now.  In the other, things inserted into the fiction now are being used now.  Either way the mechanism of suggestion and acceptance are the same, only the timing is different.

A useful observation...but really just a routine pacing, reincorporation thing.  Not some fundamentally different approach to the fiction.


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