thread: 2009-05-13 : Now where WAS I...

On 2009-05-14, valamir wrote:

You can't seperate those things Vincent.  Fiction can't be used until it get created.  Unless you're postulating game play where absolutely nothing can be used or even thought of unless the GM has previously listed it as being present, then a big part of the fiction is ALWAYS going to be created simultaneously with its being used.

In a computer game you can't (typically) invent new stuff in the fiction, you can only play with what's there.  And you accept, as a limitation of the medium, that not everything that should be there will be.

But around the table, that's not how it works.  If we're in a bar and I want an improvised weapon bonus I'm going to say "I grab the nearest bottle and bash this guy with it".  Until that moment no bottle had been mentioned.  But we're in a bar, it makes sense for there to be one there, so POOF a bottle magically appears in the SIS.

That bottle already existed in every single one of our PERSONAL Imagined Spaces (cuz we all know there are bottles in a bar) so it was painless to move it to the SHARED Imagined Space.

But, regardless of how painless it was, that's still fiction being created at the moment its being used...and by the person who's benefiting from its use.

There's no way around that.  How fiction gets used is inescapably tied to how it gets can't discuss one without the other...unless you're talking a computer like platform where there are no bottles in the bar unless they're listed in the inventory block in the prewritten scenario description...which I don't think you are.


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