thread: 2009-05-13 : Now where WAS I...

On 2009-05-14, Weeks wrote:

delayed gratification, intermittent rewards, and unpredictable rewards

OK, sweet.  So, in one scenario we have a player adding to the fiction with the primary goal of immediately reaping a mechanical reward.  And in the second, the player adds to the fiction and may or may not reap a reward later.  I totally get how that produces a different look'n'feel.

So, what are you thinking about the delay between fiction creation and the use of the rightward-pointing arrow?  What's a good way to make that delay happen?  Is that part of the requiring judgment that you're talking about above?  (It doesn't seem like it, but that might be the ultimate expression?)

And since I'm here writing, I'd like to jump back up to the top here and ask what you're saying about these three things.  Just that they're things?


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