thread: 2009-05-04 : Dice and Cloud, the Death Threats thread

On 2009-05-15, Sean Nittner wrote:

I listened to the episode and I read most of the comments on the related blog posts and I just don???t find that games have exclusivity between leftward and rightward arrows.

Current game I???m running is Burning Warcraft, a Burning Wheel adaptation of Warcraft III.

Example of data moving from boxes to clouds:  Each character sheet has a beliefs, instincts and traits that drive play.  These change each session driving new things in each game.

Examples of data moving from clouds to boxes: The outcome of every conflict results in a change which affects the future conflicts.  You lost that Duel of Wits to defend yourself in a court martial over killing a soldier.  Now you are branded a traitor and given a reputation of ???peasant sympathizer??? which means the soldiers hate you and the peasants love you.  This mechanically affects your future efforts to interact with soldiers and peasants.  As the consequence for failing your persuasion roll Arthas doesn???t trust you.  The obstacle to round him up in a circles roll is now higher.

In the game we are constantly going back and forth between the story which is driving our fiction and the character sheets which are informing the protagonists roll in that fiction.  Both of which are affected by the other.

Another short example.  Data moving from the Box to the cloud: Aspects in fate.  What is on the character sheet drives the story.  Aspects will be compelled by the GM.  Data moving from the cloud to the box: Aspects again!  By performing a maneuver ???I block the door??? the door now has an aspect ???blocked???.  When someone tries to get through that door they must contend with the new change in the fiction.


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