thread: 2009-05-04 : Dice and Cloud, the Death Threats thread

On 2009-05-18, Moreno R. wrote:

Hi Vincent!

There is a game than can be downloaded free that in my opinion would be a good example of the difference between the two kind of arrows (at least, if I have understood them well): bacchanal: ALL the arrows in that game go from dice (cues) to fiction, with a single exception:  the "The Cup Runneth Dry" rule: "On your turn you can remove one Wine to the tray by incorporating into the narration an NPC you???ve not previously had in one of your scenes"

What's interesting to me it's that, in my opinion, without that single rule Bacchanal would not be a rpg.  (and, after all, you said almodt the same thing in "Notice that non-RPG games' rules are all entirely like this one. Monopoly, Chess, Die Siedler - they have no fictional in-game, just people interacting and real-world tokens") and so Bacchanal would seem a rather extreme example of a game on the border of rpg-dom: but when I play it we get a really detailed and colorful SIS, that I don't get in games with many more "arrows" from the fiction, as IAWA. So, it's not the number of arrows, it's what they do.


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