thread: 2009-06-07 : Concrete Examples of Arrows

On 2009-06-08, Callan wrote:

Hmmm, how I'd describe it?

Grey Ranks: Fictional effect: The players character matures in their opinion of the word 'mature', which may not match other group members(though it's nice if it does)

Buffy: already covered above

Burning wheel: Just a strange, strange reference to what the player is apparently allowing/agreeing the GM can do, when the player narrates something or takes a certain option.

Sorcerer: Real world effect: The GM has a decision to make about whether dice previously earned should be given again because of a recent narration. One thing he can do with his decision is try and conform to what other people in the group would think would happen. But the player does not just roll dice equal to an earlier success.

Part of a small game I wrote goes like this
1. The player who's turn it is (the active player) declares their tactical move.

2. The other player rates it at 0 to 50 TAC damage. The other player can ask questions to better understand the move, if they want, or just rate it.

3. The active player can challenge and discuss that through conversation and the other player can discuss if they want, or just state the rating they wish and that's it, the rating stands.

4. This is now applied to the monsters TAC hit points!

How would you interpret that, Vincent?


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