thread: 2009-06-08 : Restating: Fictional Causes and Realization

On 2009-06-09, Jay Loomis wrote:

One of the things that I've struggled with in games with my group is the issue of scale. So many indie games are written in a way that leads to conflicts having a large scale (do you burn the orphanage down?). The SIS for our group tends to not be enriched because making conflicts more granular just doesn't work well in a lot of rules (and/or because the rule book doesn't give us proper instruction about how to make it work).
For some groups, I'm sure that they just free narrate the details underlying the larger conflict, but that doesn't work for us.
It seems to me that more detail and more concrete rightward-pointing arrows will come into play (for my group anyway) if conflict rules scale well to different levels of detail.


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