thread: 2009-06-07 : Concrete Examples of Arrows

On 2009-06-09, Callan wrote:

That makes me tilt my head? I hadn't thought of implimenting a rule for passing, and perhaps I'm just bringing boardgame culture with me, but that's just passing. One or two minute time limit, egg timer and all. run out of time? Zero points. I just wouldn't normally think it would have to come to that?

I think I know what your getting at - if he says nothing, what on earth do you do in terms of the imagined space? What fictional thing happens when he's silent? Or to be exact, he is fictionally silent?

For myself, I feel if he passes, then the ruleset itself gets his turn. It says he's passing, then the rules are speaking into the fiction and saying the character is passing. Okay, I might add a bit of twist and lime to that in my own mind (and might say it as suggestion to everyone else to take on, or to prompt what suggestions they have), saying he paniced and did nothing.

That's where my mind goes - if you pass your turn, then the ruleset gets to speak into the fiction instead of you and ruleset says your character passed (the ruleset gets brief control of your character, as much as funky indie RPG's might pass character control amongst multiple players instead of just one). But I'll grant, that isn't even written in my game. It's more like my own boardgame culture that a pass is a pass, whatever game it's in, then my mind tries to patch up the fiction to fill in what that means.

I'll grant it's not written in my rules and it's me bringing my board game culture to the fore, but I do have a way of saying what number you get if you don't describe your character doing anything. How would it look in boxes and clouds? Umm, probably an arrow from box to box, and another arrow issuing from the same spot as the first arrow, into the cloud. And perhaps back again, since the player did not speak into the fiction and that is why his turn passed/ie, it has a system effect of 'pass'.

Or to take less time saying it, perhaps it's my boardgame culture coming to the fore, but in practical terms I'm not really getting your point?

Though I will say, on the first pigs up a ladder thing, there was this manga once where a guy was fighting a computer, who seemed to predict his every move. So he just stopped and walked toward it - no manga leaps and dives, no tactical move, just walking. It kept attacking where it predicted where he was going, which was always off to the side - and he kept walking toward it and killed it. I think it's possible standing there and thinking about pigs might, in some particular imaginary circumstance, garner a 50. Unlikely, but possible - that was my point just on this thing, there is no tactical move/non tactical move in the imagined world. There is no distinction. Though I'll grant the listener could think it doesn't sound like the guy is making a tac move, so he stops thinking about it (and defaults to a zero) and doesn't think about the full ramifications. Eh, but it's a side point to the main topic I think, and I'm writing alot again...darn


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