thread: 2009-06-07 : Concrete Examples of Arrows

On 2009-06-09, Vincent wrote:

Callan! Perfect. I agree with you with my whole brain. If I say "My guy stops and stands with his head tilted, remembering how his grandmother used to push pigs up a ladder. What a chore. That's my tactical move," maybe I'm asserting that it's a tactically significant thing to do, and everybody else should go " Seriously? That doesn't seem ... Huh. Let's see, that would mean ... this ... and that would mean ... that ... and that would mean ... HOLY CRAP 50."

A significant rule in Dogs in the Vineyard works exactly that way. "A raise is something your opponent can't ignore." Broadly speaking, it's my job when I make a raise to think of something you can't ignore, and it's your job when I make a raise to figure out why you can't ignore it.

But yes, a side point. One of my favorite side points, but yes.


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